Kurak Town of Sibi district.

Kurak Town of Sibi district.

The assignments which comprise the Jagirs of Kurak and Sangan originated in the influential position held by the Barozai sardars during the Afghan occupation on the country.

The Jagir of Kurak estimated value of which is Rs. 10,000/- a year was enjoyed by the Baruzai Sardars during the Afghan rule and was continued to them after the British occupation of the country. It was formally confirmed by the Government of India in January 1899 to the heirs of the Barozai sardars of Sibi in perpetuity subject to the condition of loyalty and good behaviour. The jagir consists of nine pao of water ( and land) of which eight pao are owned by the Kurak and one pao by the Barozai sub-divided into 21 and 3 dahnas (and 264 and 36 rahki) respectively of the 36 rahkis in which the Barozais have propriety as well as jagidari rights 14 rahkis are cultivated be musa Khan, Shakar khan and other Naudhanis and 22 rahkis by other tenants.

Kurak Town
Kurak Town
panni tribes centre kurak
Ahmad Shah Abdali Masjid Kurak
Ahmad shah Abdali masjid at Kurak
Kurak union council
Kurak . Sibi
Akhund Pir Lake Sibi
Akhund Pir lake Kurak
Story of Kurak and Safi Villages
Story of Kurak and Safi Villages
Boys High School Kurak
Kurak High school
Cotton in Kurak
kurak crop production
Settlement Report 1904
Kurak channel
Akhund Pir Kurak
Akhund Pir kurak
Cirlces Sibi district
Kurak circle
Akhund baba Shrine
Akhund baba Shrine
Govt High school kurak
Govt High school Kurak
Kurak Village
Kurak Village
Akhund Pir Shrine
Akhund Pir Shrine
Barozai graveyard
Barozai graveyard

Kurak Town
Guest House Kurak Town
Family Tree of barozais
Kurak . Sibi
Kurak , Sibi
Mehman Khana Kurak
Kurak Town

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