Marghazani Town.

Marghazani Town

The Union council Marghzani is surrounding Sibi city consists of villages Marghzani , Samizai , Shudanzai , Bostanzai , Dehpal , Bakhra Ghulam Bolak and Bakhra Shakar khan.

union councils of sibi district
Sibi District
Marghazani town masjid
Jamia masjid Marghazani
marghazani masjid
Marghazani jamiua masjid
khalefa masjid
union council marghazani
Union council Marghazani
Walhari Khan Marghazani
Cinema Sibi
Ahwal Sibi
احوال سبی میگزین
Govt Boys High school Dehpal Khurd Sibi
Dehpal Khurd and Dehpal Kalan
Sibi Fort History
Sibi Fort History
Jirgha Members
Khudadad khan marghazani with General Mussa.
Atta muhammad marghazani
Haji atta muhammad son of walhari khan marghazani

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