Safi Pirak and Mizri Village

Safi Pirak and Mizri Village

Mizri, Kurak and Safi came to Sibi and initially lived in  Gullu Shaher temporary at that time Sibi was in control of Arghun State and they were rulers of Sibi. The Panni tribes encounter in war with the Arghuns and they defeated them and after while they expelled Arghuns from Sibi. After victory they divided the land among Mizri, Kurak and Safi tribes.

Safi Pirak Ruins
Safi Pirak Ruins

 The Revenue Record of Tehsil Sibi consists of Mauza Safi Pirak near Sibi city of Balochsitan Pakistan. The agricultural land of Safi Pirak having 8 Pao of Water from Nari River.

mauza Safi Pirak
mauza Safi Pirak

  The Revenue Records of Sibi District.

The Ancient civilization existed in Safi Pirak land about 3,000 Bc seen the old coins, pottery and stone statues.

Safi Pirak Mound Sibi
Safi Pirak Mound Sibi

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