Sibi District of Balochsitan Pakistan

1- Sibi Tahsil consists of 6 circles i.e. Sangan, Sibi, Kurak, Khajjak, Talli and mall.

2- Harnai Tahsil consists of 5 circles i.e. Kowas, Kach, Shahrag, Harnai and Babian.
Sibi District Tehsil Sibi and harnai
Sibi District Tehsil Sibi and harnai

Sibi Fort (Siwi Fort)

Sibi also finds place in the popular accounts of the Chachnama wherein it is narrated that the King Chach defeated Sewas, pushing them out of this place captured Sibi Fort. According to Ain-e-Akbari the Sibi Fort was conferred by Nizamuddin of Sindh as fief in 1488 A.D. Towards the end of 15th century. whose forces were thrown out of the Fort by the forces of Shah Beg Arghun son of Zunnun Beg Arghun in 1511 A.D . Then rebuilt the Siwi Fort and strongly garrisoned by the Arghun and Tarkhan Forces.

Sibi Fort
Sibi Fort

 According to the Akbar Namah of Abul Fazal and Akbar Nama of Faizi Sarhindi by 1575 A.D. Panni Afghans were already in control of Siwi Fort. Therefore, must have been present in the general area of Siwi much before that date since it is likely that their conquest of Siwi would have taken some considerable time. The Government records evidence shows that Dehpal a panni Tribe lived in Siwi Fort they possess the land adjacent to the Fort, a village Dehpal Kalan is situated near the Fort.

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History of Sibi district.

Up to the end of the fifteenth century the District was always a dependency of Multan. It was known to have formed part of the Ghaznavide Empire and was ruled by a petty chief in the time of Nasir-ud-din Kubacha. About 1500 A.D. it was taken by Shah Beg Arghun and thus passed under Kandahar but under Mughal Empire it was again became subordinate to Multan. It was taken but the Kalhoras of Sindh in 1714 A.D. but they had to retire before the power of the Durrani’s by whom the local governors were generally selected from the Barozai clan of the Panni Afghans.

Ahmad Shah Durrani Sanads
Ahmad Shah Durrani Sanads

Which still retains much influence during the last two years of the first Afghan War an Assistant Political Agent was posted to Sibi. From November 1841 to September 1842 an Assistant Political Officer resided at Sibi.

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Sibi Horse Fair (Horse and cattle Show Sibi)

The first of these Fairs was held in January 1885, when a sum of Rs.2000 contributed from local funds in the Agency was disbursed in prizes. This fair was an experiment intended to open out the large market for horses afforded by Baluchistan. It was attended by Mr. Grainger, then officiating as Superintendent of Horse Breeding Operations in Bombay and pronounced by him to be a great success.

Sibi Mela First held in 1885
Sibi Mela First held in 1885

The second fair was held in February 1886 and to the expenses of this fair the Sibi and Quetta Municipalities contributed respectively Rs 2000 and 700.

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Sibi District Gazetteer 1907

The Volume deals with the administered areas of the Sibi District. As well as other tracts which are under the control of the Political Agent Sibi.

Sibi District gazetteer 1907
Sibi District Gazetteer 1907

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